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‘Aiming Higher’


Our School Curriculum Intent Statement


At Fordley, we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which enables all children to be confident, independent and inquisitive learners who develop a lifelong love of learning and an understanding of the wider world – past, present and future.  We provide for high-quality learning through skilled explanation and modelling by teachers who possess excellent subject and curriculum knowledge.  Pedagogical expertise underpins teachers’ ability to build opportunities for children to deepen their understanding and the ability to recall what they have learnt in a coherent and meaningful way. Our curriculum is designed to inspire and engage. We actively seek to deepen understanding of, engagement with, and respect for the local community while stimulating engagement with the wider world.


The Fordley curriculum is purposefully sequenced and interconnected.  Children are empowered to make better sense of new material and build a deeper understanding. Our curriculum provides all children with creative and purposeful learning experiences which are knowledge rich and meaningful through being part of a coherent learning journey.  Children are taken beyond their own contexts to deepen their understanding of the world around them.  They are introduced to new concepts and experiences so that they develop a rich cultural capital and become confident young citizens of the world.


Our Curriculum is designed to narrow the gap for disadvantaged children. Our commitment to equity and social justice is the foundation of all that we do, and our curriculum is used as the vehicle for filling the gaps in knowledge and experiences that children may have. We strongly believe that all children have the right to experience a rich curriculum that this is key to enabling social engagement and lifelong learning.

Our curriculum is based upon the National Curriculum and reflects a wide and varied learning experience which is enriched through the creative contexts in which it is introduced alongside our guiding school values. Our curriculum is built around cross-curricular Units of Learning.  These units incorporate carefully sequenced objectives, which fully embed the knowledge, skills and understanding required to master the National Curriculum.  Topics are planned around a central question - with children actively involved in asking questions, investigating, hypothesising and driving forward their learning forward.  Our curriculum aims to support children to reason, construct meaning, make connections and assert their own ideas with increased confidence. We see language and vocabulary as key to understanding and therefore are committed to broadening vocabulary and developing conceptual understanding alongside deepening knowledge.


If you wish to find out more information about our school curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher or to Mrs Withers and Mr Maule who hold overall responsibility for our curriculum.

Recovery Curriculum Offer 2020-21


Given the time away from school that many children have had, it has been essential for us as a school to re-review our curriculum in order to ensure it not only acknowledges the starting points of all of our children as they return as well as the fact that these may be significantly different to where they were with their learning in March.  In addition to this, we also fully understand that children will need to be supported and have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which immerses them in their learning and is precisely tailored to their individual needs whilst challenging them to make rapid progress.

COLLECTION FROM AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS - IMPORTANT INFORMATION - All after school clubs collections will be from outside the main school entrance so please turn up at the collection time for your child (to avoid having lots of people waiting around outside of the building). The only access point will be through the front gates for safeguarding reasons. No other external gates will be open (e.g. the gates to the line) - this is because our afterschool childcare children have supervised access to our yard and field and it would not be safe to leave other gates open. Please remember to wear a face mask on site where possible and, unless your child is in Y6 and has permission to walk home, we will expect an adult to collect every child. Thank you for your support with this so that we can ensure safety for all.