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Fordley Primary School

‘Aiming Higher’


"School teaches us what to do to keep safe." - Y1


"We know never to go home or anywhere with a stranger." - Y1


"We know how to safely cross the road." - Y2


"We would never copy anyone who was making the wrong choice."  -Y3


"If someone is struggling to breathe we have learned to do CPR" - Y6


"In school we don't shout, we show good listening, we are kind and share." - KS1


"When we use equipment in lessons, such as design technology, we are careful with them and listen to instructions." - KS2


"If we ever felt unsafe, we would speak to a trusted adult.  This might be someone at home or an adult in school."


"We know the number for Childline if we ever needed extra help."


"If I was worried about my friend I would tell a teacher or a trusted adult.  Can't keep it a secret or things could get much worse."





HAPPY HALF TERM - children are back on Tuesday 4th June. We look forward to seeing you all then.