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Flu Immunisation Information

Dear Parent/Carer


Your child’s annual flu vaccination is now due.


This vaccination programme is in place to help protect your child against flu. The vaccine will help prevent them catching the flu. Vaccinating your child will also help protect vulnerable friends and family by reducing the spread of flu. 


The intra-nasal flu vaccine is the most effective protection for your child against flu.

The online consent can be accessed via any online device. Please click on the following link  which will direct you to an online consent form for you to complete using the following school code NB108611


If you decide you do not want your child to receive the flu vaccination, please complete a non consent form.


If in the past you have refused the intra-nasal flu due to porcine gelatin content, please complete the online IM consent form. The IM flu vaccination can be given in school from year 7 upwards, younger years will be invited to receive it in one of our clinic venues.


Please note children in Reception up to and including year 11 and Reception up to and including year 13 in SEND schools are currently eligible to receive the nasal flu vaccine up to the age of 17.


If you have any queries regarding the online consent form or the Flu vaccine please contact the Northumbria Healthcare School Aged Immunisation Service.


Yours sincerely,

Northumbria Healthcare School Aged  Immunisation Service.

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