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School Reports and New Class Information

School Reports


We are currently packing up your child's school report ready for delivery.  We will be delivering them by hand to your home address (where possible) or giving them to your child to bring home if they are in school.  This will take us a few days but all children should have their school report by next Wednesday (8th July) at the latest.


In the envelope you will find:

  • the report
  • a feedback form
  • a children's questionnaire about their feelings towards returning to school in September
  • a parents/carers questionnaire about September
  • a stamped addressed envelope (please return questionnaires and feedback forms to us as your views are important)


New Class Information


At this time of year we are normally planning for your child to spend three transition days with their new class teacher, starting their new topic and getting to know their new classroom and class mates. 


However, COVID-19 has made this impossible.  At Fordley we like to take a problem and turn it into a positive so we have changed our plans and found a different way of helping to prepare your child for their new class and year group.


As mentioned above, included with the school report is something for your child to complete (with your help if needed) and return to us (in the stamped addressed envelope).  There is also a brief questionnaire for you too (please also put this in the envelope).  We would be very grateful if you could complete these and return to us by Friday 10th July as they will help your child’s new class teacher to be prepared when they give you a ring the following week.


Will the teaching staff move year groups in September?


For this upcoming year there is no change in the teachers and their allocated year groups.  This is to ensure the smoothest transition possible for your child when they return, as they will be joining a teacher who is extremely knowledgeable about their year group.  


How will school know what to teach my child next?


Your child’s previous class teacher knew exactly where your child was in their education when lock down began, and this information has been shared with their new class teacher.  However, we are very aware that some children may need to go back over previous learning before moving on and some children may be more than ready to take their next steps.  We will be restructuring our school day to allow for shorter, sharper learning opportunities initially and time to identify the gaps in children’s learning so that we can provide them with the support they need to regain their confidence in their learning and build secure knowledge and skills (we do not like the term ‘catch up’ as learning is not a race).


My child would like to say goodbye to their current class teacher, how do we do this?


There is someone at the front door of the school every day between 11am and 12:30pm.  We can release your child’s current teacher from their bubble to come and say hi, any day from 6th July.  If that time isn’t suitable, please send us an email to and we will try to arrange something different for you.   


Please do not feel there is an expectation to come along to school if you are not able to, nor is there an expectation to bring a present for any member of staff.  We are just always happy to see the lovely faces of our Fordley children and families, and have a chat.  


Who will be my child’s new class teacher?


This information will be included with your child's report letter.


Instead of the normal meetings in September (as we will not be able to hold these in school), your child’s new class teacher/s will be ringing you on the date stated on the letter included with their school report.  


This phone call will be an opportunity for you and your child to ask any questions and for your child’s new teacher to say a little about the autumn term and the upcoming topic.


If you have changed your number recently, please email the school address with your new number as we do not want to miss any child and family out.  


As always, if you have any concerns or queries please give us a shout.


Yours sincerely

Mrs C.L. Withers



HAPPY HALF TERM - children are back on Tuesday 4th June. We look forward to seeing you all then.