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Uniform Orders for September - change due to pandemic




Due to the pandemic, Emblematic are not accepting any orders from schools, they have to come directly from parents/carers.


You can order online at (clicking the link below will take you straight to the order page)


Emblematic order link


Please note the school uniform policy is as follows:


· Children must wear school uniform, consisting of: a white polo shirt, black/grey trousers/skirt and a school jumper/cardigan (or alternative maroon jumper/cardigan without a school logo). Red gingham dresses are allowed. Wearing leggings is not permitted.  

· Children must wear plain black shoes or plain black trainers to school and socks. Sandals with socks are permitted in the summer months.


· PE kit should comprise plain black shorts and a plain white t-shirt. 


Wearing casual clothes – jeans/beach wear/football strips/brightly patterned clothes/ items of clothing with logos, patterns or stripes is against school rules.


· Children should not wear any form of jewellery other than a watch.  No earrings are allowed for health and safety reasons.


· Children should not wear any form of hair colouring/dye unless given permission by school staff as part of a charity/celebration event.


· Long hair must be tied back at all times for health and safety reasons and to help to avoid the spread of head lice.


· Pupils are discouraged from attending school with ‘outrageous/extreme’ hair styles and accessories (such as Mohicans, shaved patterns and overly large hair bands/clips) as this can cause disruption to learning.


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