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National Lockdown from 5th November – Update for Schools

National Lockdown from 5th November – Update for Schools


As you will know there is a national lockdown from midnight tonight (Wednesday 4th November) until Wednesday 2nd December.


The link here gives all the details:


Schools, and other education settings, will remain open so we will continue as normal.  We are genuinely delighted that we are able to remain open for our Fordley Family as the children are making fantastic progress and are so happy to be back, and so are we!


Are there any changes for schools?


These are the key points from the Department for Education:

Face coverings

In primary schools and education settings teaching year 6 and below, there is no change to the existing position. It is not mandatory for staff and visitors to wear face coverings. In situations where social distancing between adults in settings is not possible (for example when moving around in corridors and communal areas), settings have the discretion to recommend the use of face coverings for adults on site, for both staff and visitors.

Visitors to the setting

Settings should restrict all visits to the setting to those that are absolutely necessary. This means suspending parent and carer visits for:

  • new admissions,
  • settling-in children new to the setting
  • attending organised performances


What do I, as a parent/carer, need to do?


  • Drop off and collection times are between 8:30-8:50am and  3:00-3:20pm.  Don’t be early – GATES WILL NOT BE OPEN BEFORE 3PM SO PLEASE DO NOT COME AND WAIT


  • Only 1 adult per family to bring children to school or collect children 


  • Leave the school site straight away.  Do not wait around for other families.


  • Do not wait around at gates


  • Children can not be collected by parents/carers from a different family as the government rule is that two households are not legally allowed to mix (unless they are part of your support bubble)


  • If, as a parent/carer, you feel more comfortable coming onto our school site wearing a face mask then please feel free to do so


What do I do if I need to speak to my child’s teacher?


Mrs Withers is available on the Reception path or KS1 yard and Mr Maule is available on the KS2 gates if you need a message passed to the teacher.  Alternatively you can email or ring 2502207 and your child’s class teacher will ring you on the same day.


Parents phone calls will continue as planned (more details are on Latest News on our website  if you didn’t receive the letter)


If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to give us a ring or email the school office (as above).  We all have a responsibility to keep each other safe and, while none of us like this current situation, we will get through it if we work together.

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