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Autumn Term Phone Calls Home

Autumn Term Parents/Carers Conversations with Class Teachers


Dear Parents and Carers,


Under the current circumstances it is not possible for us to hold our Parents/Carers evenings but it is important that we give you the opportunity to find out how your child is doing in school since returning in September.  Many schools are sending out a brief written report but I feel it is vital that you have the chance to have a conversation with your child’s class teacher as this means you can also ask questions directly.


How will this work?


Your child’s class teacher/s will be released from class on a nominated day and will then ring and speak to you at some point between 9:30am and 4pm.  You can ask for a specific time by completing the attached reply slip and sending it back to school.  If you don’t ask for a particular time, your child’s class teacher will ring you at some point during the day.  If between 9:30-4:00pm is not suitable (because of childcare/work issues), let us know on the reply slip and we will try to arrange another time.


What do I need to do?


Please make sure we have a working and up to date phone number for you, and also pop our number 2502207 in your phone so you know it’s us ringing.


What if I have a query before the date for my child’s class?


You are always very welcome to ring school or email at any point if you have a concern or a worry, and your child’s class teacher will ring you back at their earliest opportunity.


When will my child’s class teacher ring me?


The following dates have been selected for each class (spread out over a few weeks).  This is because we only have two outgoing phone lines and must keep one available for emergencies or parents/carers trying to get in touch as normal.

  • Tuesday 3rd November – Mrs Boyes and Miss Weatherspoon’s class
  • Wednesday 4th November – Mrs Ryder’s class
  • Thursday 5th November – Mr Scott’s class
  • Friday 6th November – Mrs Pringle’s class
  • Monday 9th November – Mrs Nicholson’s class
  • Tuesday 10th November – Mrs Watson and Miss Morey’s class
  • Wednesday 11th November – Mrs McArdle’s Nursery  
  • Thursday 12th November – Mr Fawcett’s class
  • Friday 13th November – Mr Stephenson’s class
  • Monday 16th November – Mrs Langley and Mr Maule’s class
  • Wednesday 18th November – Mrs Buchan and Miss Cardwell’s class
  • Thursday 19th November – Mr Connolly’s class
  • Friday 20th November – Miss Thompson’s class


Fordley Flyers conversations will be arranged with parents/carers directly.


What do I need to do now?


Please email school if you would like your phone call at a specific time because of childcare/work issues.


If you are happy to have a phone call at any point between 9:30am and 4pm, you do not need to return anything.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs C.L. Withers


IMPORTANT INFORMATION - please see our Latest News page for information about the return to face to face learning on Monday 15th January