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Year 5 and Year 6

A message to 5/6JF


Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing amazing as we enter the second week away from school. As you know, this is a time where it is incredibly easy for us all to get bored. That is why it is important to keep yourself busy - not only with school work but with other things to keep us occupied and happy, such as exercise and reading (I've read 3 books so far - I challenge anyone to beat me!). This is why I'm setting you a challenge: to learn a unique skill to show me and your friends when we're back at school. This could be anything, from learning a song on an instrument to learning an impressive gymnastic skill (nothing too terrifying please!) 


I'm currently learning (and struggling) to learn how to juggle... I will let you all know how that goes...


Please keep yourselves healthy and happy and I am excited to see what skills you teach yourself...


Mr Fawcett


PS: A few suggestions of strange skills to learn

- Learn to juggle

- Learn an obscure card game or how to shuffle cards like a pro

- A football trick

- Learn to moonwalk (I will be particularly impressed with this one)

- Whistle with your fingers

- Solve a Rubiks cube quickly

- Learn an instrument (recorder and harmonica can be a good start)  

COLLECTION FROM AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS - IMPORTANT INFORMATION - All after school clubs collections will be from outside the main school entrance so please turn up at the collection time for your child (to avoid having lots of people waiting around outside of the building). The only access point will be through the front gates for safeguarding reasons. No other external gates will be open (e.g. the gates to the line) - this is because our afterschool childcare children have supervised access to our yard and field and it would not be safe to leave other gates open. Please remember to wear a face mask on site where possible and, unless your child is in Y6 and has permission to walk home, we will expect an adult to collect every child. Thank you for your support with this so that we can ensure safety for all.