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Safety Procedures for January Opening (and a brief note about Key Workers)

Please note we are aware there is a briefing tonight and we are currently working on plans for key workers and home learning, which we will be able to share within the next 24 hours if needed.


What can my child bring to school and take home?


  • A water bottle, packed lunch (if having one), reading book on allocated day, hand gel if they want to use their own (in a school bag)
  • It is important that children have their own water bottle to help them stay hydrated throughout the school day
  • NO – pencil cases, footballs, toys or any other items from home that are not needed (we will provide footballs in school, children can bring their own skipping rope for their own use and this must be kept in their school bag)
  • PE – children can come into school in their PE kit (including tracksuit bottoms) on their allocated days as normal (please note if the weather is too cold/wet to be outside, they will do their lessons in the gym or hall on alternate weeks)


Who should wear a face mask?


  • All school staff will now be wearing a shield when working in close contact with children (1:1 or small groups) and when moving around the building.
  • We ask that all adults coming onto our site also wear a face covering to protect themselves and our school staff
  • Current government guidance advises that children in primary schools do not need to wear a face mask.  Wearing of a face mask is only effective if the wearer can put it on and take it off correctly and this could be a challenge for younger children


Will my child have to attend school?


  • The government are very clear that all children are expected to attend school when schools are open for all children.  However we will not be seeking to fine any parent who makes the decision to keep their child at home at this time.
  • We understand, under the current circumstances, if you choose to keep your child at home.  If you do this, we will send you the link for online learning through the Oak Academy for your child’s year group.  Because all teachers will be teaching full time in school, we will not also be able to set separate online learning for those who are at home by choice. 


What do I need to remember when coming onto the school site?


  • Please wear a face covering to protect you and our school staff (especially important if we need to help you with an upset child)
  • All gates (apart from the main car park gates) will be open and children can come into the school yard from any of them.
  • The path past Reception classes is one way due to the narrow access 
  • You can drop off your child any time between 8:30-8:50
  • Do not wait on site, or at school gates, for any other parent/family – please leave the site safely and promptly
  • If you are not a Nursery parent, do not go onto the Nursery yard
  • Only 1 adult for dropping off/picking up children – to limit the numbers coming onto our site
  • Only adults within your bubble/childcare bubble should ever be dropping off or collecting your child (in the case of an emergency you need to ring 2502207 and speak to Mrs Withers – Headteacher)
  • Please stick to allocated collection times at the end of the school day
    • Nursery – Y2 – 3:00-3:20pm
    • 3/4BC (Mrs Buchan/Miss Cardwell’s class) – 3:00pm
    • 3/4KC (Mr Connolly’s class) – 3:03pm
    • 3/4NT (Miss Thompson’s class) – 3:07pm
    • 5/6 (all three classes) – 3:10pm


Communication with Parents and Carers


You know how much we value our Fordley Family and the relationships we have with you all as part of our school community.  At this present time the government is still telling us that parents and carers cannot be allowed into the school building.  Until we are told otherwise, we have to follow this guidance.


If you do need to speak to your child’s class teacher, or need a message passed to them, please email school at or ring the school office on our number 0191 2502207

The message will be emailed to the class teacher and they will contact you that day if you need to speak to them directly.


Myself, Mr Maule (Deputy Head) and Mrs Pringle (KS1 Leader) are all available outside at the start and end of the school day if you need to speak to any of us.


What if the school has to close due to another lockdown?


We will be sharing, within the next 24 hours, criteria for Key Worker places and how we will ensure your child can access learning at home.  There is currently no new government guidance in place for local areas where schools have been told to remain open but local schools are liaising to ensure there is a fair and clear offer for families.

HAPPY HALF TERM - children are back on Tuesday 4th June. We look forward to seeing you all then.