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Thursday 21st December - Visit to Church and Y3/4 Museum

As we have two events for families on this date, we have decided to adjust the timings so that any families with children in both R/KS1 and Y3/4 will be able to attend both events if they wish.


The Y3/4 museum will be open to families of Y3/4 children to visit at any time between 9:30-12:00.  Coffee and tea will be served throughout the morning and opportunities for parents and carers to view the work the children have done.  This means that any parents/carers who wish to walk with their children to church, will be able to return to school afterwards and still have plenty of time to enjoy the Y3/4 work with a cup of tea or coffee.

If your child is poorly and they are going to be off school, you must let us know so we can provide you with the correct advice should they have possible COVID-19 symptoms. You can ring 2502207 or email and someone will be in touch.